North Carolina Wind Application Center

The North Carolina Wind Application Center is a public service program, sponsored by ASU and grant funding, to raise awareness about the benefits and feasibility of wind power in the southern Appalachian region, and throughout North Carolina.

The NC WAC has comprised of 4 basic components:

  • The R&D facility on Beech Mountain (a class 5 wind site) which tests and showcases 5 small wind turbines currently on the American Marketplace, as well as a pre-production model. This facility provides valuable information to small wind manufacturers and utilities, while providing students and the community with first-hand experience of small wind technology that can be easily replicated.
  • A direct mailing campaign (PDF) that identified and contacted nearly 16,000 owners of windy property in Western North Carolina to inform them of the potential to harvest their wind resource.
  • The Western North Carolina Anemometer Loan Program loans 5 NRG anemometer systems free of charge to NC residents. The goal of the Loan Program is to develop a better understanding of the state's wind resources and to provide information to interested land owners about the viability of producing electricity with residential scale wind technology.
  • Hands-on workshops, classes, tours, and community events are also important educational components of the Initiative's goal to make wind energy familiar and accessible to the region's residents.