USAID Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy

Providing Education and Training for the Operation and Maintenance of Clean Energy Technologies.

What is VOCTEC?

Vocational training and education for clean energy (VOCTEC) is a multi-tier program under the leadership of Arizona State University, in conjunction with Appalachian State University and Green Empowerment, to improve the sustainability of renewable energy investments in developing countries by increasing awareness, knowledge and capacity of local stakeholders.  VOCTEC training includes modules on design, installation, operation, maintenance, and policy of distributed, renewable energy systems, specifically solar PV, micro-hydro, wind, and hybrid systems utilizing one or more of these three technologies along with fossil-fuel generators.  The Appalachian State University Wind Application Center is proud to be developing wind energy curriculum for this incredible program.

 After completing VOCTEC training programs, students will understand:

  • Fundamental electricity principles, including electrical charge current, voltage, power and resistance.
  • Operating limits of renewable energy systems.
  • Common terminologies and components used in renewable energy technologies such as wind, solar and micro-hydro.
  • How to understand natural resource assessments, and their relationship to local natural resources for efficient operation of renewable energy technologies.
  • Best practices for system design and installation.
  • Importance of scheduled/periodic maintenance.
  • How to troubleshoot and repair renewable energy systems.
  • Difference between grid-connected and off-grid renewable energy systems.
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