2002 Wind Summit

Is Wind In Our Future ~ ~ The North Carolina Mountains

The Appalachian State University Energy Center presents The 2002 Wind Summit

Appalachian State University - Broyhill Inn and Conference Center - Boone, North Carolina
December 9, 2002

Purpose: Around the world wind power is the fastest growing energy resource being developed. Is wind energy production in North Carolinaís future? Preliminary studies indicate that adequate wind resources exist in the western region of North Carolina for electrical production. However, it is uncertain if the citizens of this region want to explore that potential. There are legal, political, environmental, and economic issues involved in developing wind energy that require careful consideration by the regionís decision makers if we are to proceed in this direction.

On December 9, 2002 the Appalachian State University Energy Center convened a conference to bring together the business, environmental, governmental, and utility leaders of western North Carolina with national and state experts to discuss these sensitive and critical topics. The most up- to-date information on wind energy was provided and case studies of successful wind energy programs in other states were presented. Opportunities were available for discussion, interaction, and questions among participants.

The question, "Is wind in our future?" was the theme of the conference. The Powerpoint Slides from the conference are linked to their presenters below.

North Carolina Wind Summit - 9 December 2002

Presentation Powerpoint Audio
Introduction to Wind Powering America: Phil Daugherty PPT Audio
Wind Energy: Markets, Applications and Economics: Larry Flowers PPT Audio
North Carolina's Wind Resource & Potential:
Bruce Bailey
Dennis Scanlin
Xingong Li


Environmental Issues & Wind Energy in NC:
Chuck Nicholson
Steven Smith
Luncheon Speaker: Larry Shirley   Audio
Legal & Permitting Issues for Wind Energy in NC:
Milton Heath
Dennis Scanlin
Danny Childers/Jason Webb
Green Power Marketing & Policies for Promoting Wind Energy: Lori Bird PPT Audio
Wind Project Case Studies: NEG Micon: Phil Stiles PPT Audio
TVA: Rick Carson / Tom Swanson   Audio
The Bright Future for Small Wind: Phil Daugherty for Michael Bergey PPT Audio
Best Practices for Wind Power Project Development & Siting: Kevin Rackstraw PPT Audio
Birds as an Obstacle to Wind Development: Curtis Smalling PPT Audio


  • Jim Powell, U.S. Department of Energy, Atlanta Regional Office
  • W. Dwight Bailey, Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy, Atlanta Regional Office
  • Lawrence T. Flowers, Team Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Bruce Bailey, President, AWS Scientific, Inc.
  • Dennis Scanlin, Professor, Department of Technology, Appalachian State University
  • Xingong Li, Professor, Department of Geography and Planning, Appalachian State University
  • Charles P. Nicholson, Senior Endangered Species/NEPA Specialist, Environmental Policy and Planning, Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Steven Smith, Executive Director, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
  • Frank Borkowski, Chancellor, Appalachian State University
  • Larry Shirley, Director, State Energy Office, Department of Administration, State of North Carolina
  • Milton Heath, Professor, Institute of Government, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  • Dennis Grady, Director ASU Energy Center, Appalachian State University
  • Lori Bird, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Phil Stiles, Engineer, NEG Micon
  • Rick Carson, Renewables Program Operations, TVA Public Power Institute
  • Tom Swanson, TVA
  • Mike Bergey, President & CEO, Bergey Windpower Company, Inc.
  • Kevin Rackstraw, Director, Project Development, Clipper Windpower
  • Curtis Smalling, North Carolina Audubon
  • Steve Kalland, North Carolina State University Solar Center