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Today, WIND POWER is more affordable, efficient, and accessible than ever before and North Carolina has outstanding wind resources that are shared with only a fraction of the rest of the nation. Wind power is an excellent option for North Carolina homes, farms, businesses, schools, and utilities interested in producing clean, independent electricity. Please explore this site to learn more about what groups and individuals are doing in the state to harvest wind power.


Wind For Schools

The Wind for Schools program, sponsored by the DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, aims to install small scale wind turbines for educational use at schools throughout North Carolina. The program encourages the incorporation of renewable energy education into the K-12 science curriculum. Appalachian State installed four turbines in 2011 at schools in the mountains including Alleghany High, Avery High, Watauga High, & North Wilkes Middle.

Upcoming Events...

2nd Annual North Carolina Renewable Energy Challenge 

Unfortunately, the event has been canceled.

2020 KidWind Challenge -- NEW UPDATE!!

Due to our current pandemic circumstances, the KidWind challenge has been moved online. We are extending the invitation to join this challenge to any group of students and teachers that can round up supplies from home. There is a set of rules, guidelines, and tips to compete in this online challenge which can be found here: https://www.kidwind.org/online-challenge/wind-turbine/prepare


KidWind Promo


Solar and Wind Kit Giveaways

KidWind is also doing a grand giveaway! They will be giving away wind turbine and solar kits for students and their teams to get involved. Be sure to enter here: https://www.kidwind.org/giveaway

This is a fun and interactive way that students can still get hands on experience in an education setting.

Recharge Academy

As of now, the 2020 KidWind Recharge Academy is still a go. If you are interested in joining us in Rhode Island this July, sign up here. There are always funds available to help sponsor our KidWind Challenge folks.  

The NEED Project

Join NEED @theneedproject for Hands-on Energy activities on Instagram Live every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm! These activities are geared for grades 5-8th but all are welcome to join. If you can’t catch the live activity, catch their videos on their youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/NEEDproject


QEP Global Learning



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